Thursday, May 23, 2013

tastes like laser chicken

Ollo folks,

Here's an update on where this Mogul has got to.

Levelled Majestus 85 to 90. Got a kickass UI organised - I've enjoyed levelling on my original main so much that it was a near thing to start grinding honour once I got to 90. I transmogged him to Big Blue Dress standards and got a particularly natty black Fedora to finish his look.

Nothing special - little bits here and there. As I'm not willing to grind rep for Blizzard I'm gated as to the better recipes for tend to resort to flipping. Most recent flip was a 15K Skullflame shield for 22.5K.  It's a living...  I'm very slowly moving below 750K liquid gold.

Laser Chicken
I've decided to try my druid Stormbear on balance (so now stormy but not so bearish). Honestly I can't say that I'm ever going to get the eclipse state thing down. I'm firmly PVPing again and am almost always missing these buffs. I'm very happy with my chicken's survivability - Displacer Beast is great! - and I've certainly got the ergs when it counts (ie, I burn cooldowns) but even though raiding was a long time ago I still feel the urge to min/max and not using everything my chicken has is annoying me. I will persist. One answer possibly lies in my stacking of haste over crit (damn you Icy-Veins). I'll reverse this and see if critting dots proccing Starsurges makes me a more efficient killing machine.

Focussing on chickening atm (one thing at a time) but this is still a lot of fun.

Talking of time I have precious little of it to devote to this game. Work has caught up with me and I'm having to change my up-late ways to keep everything moving. I'm also focussing on levelling my fitness at the moment (ahh - bad analogies are bad) and have found this site to be cool.

This 'will' be interesting. The PVP changes represent some of the biggest ones we've had for a while. The move to abolish resilience will supposedly open the playing field to PVE folk who want to get involved. Personally I think we'll get some day-trippers before things settle back to their original state. I'm more interesting in comments I've read (but not been able to substantiate) that the crap balancing Blizzard engaged for the levelling tiers which saw out-of-BG abilities savagely nerfed once you got in for a largely useless increase in hits will be turned around. I'll be keen to see just what happens to my level 85 laser chicken tonight - can I finally reduce my 28% out-of-BG hit to a reasonable level and put my stats into something else?

Stay liquid,


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