Friday, September 23, 2011

22. transmogs, blogs and addons... oh my

Here's a few sites I'm following at the moment as I look for some great gear for my lock and mage:
  1. The Visual Roleplay Gearlist - great site with a variety of 'looks';
  2. Disenchanting Azeroth - simply brilliant, I can feel the science seeping into my transmog experience + there are a bunch of very elegant pictographs (Really hunny, I'm just reading the articles).  Just weapons so far it seems;
  3. Wowpedia Tier Set Lookalikes - as it says tier lookalikes and where to find them;
  4. MogIT is an addon that seems to tick all the boxes (not road tested it yet but looks great) - this is where I found it originally;
  5. Disiplinary Action on lock, mage and priest sets;
  6. Gnome Warlords - a fantastic site for early tier gear pictures.  Not updated since 2007 but if you're a gnome mage, rogue, warrior or lock looking for pics of tiers 1 to 6 then this site is for you!
Now what I personally will be going for in terms of armour is anyone's guess at this stage. Certainly on my current server there's little chance of getting in on one of the older raids. I can grind for the weapon I want though...
May I introduce Spellfire Longsword which drops from Mennu in the slave pens. I cannot wait to see what this sword does with Power Torrent on it.

Stay liquid folks,


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