Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tokens, and BOAs, and Jeeves! Oh my!

What’s been going on?

Stockpiling: saving my tokens for epic gems – it certainly “feels” like this is coming soon, especially with the downgrading of vendor returns on cut greens which is rumoured for 4.1. My advice is stop buying those blue recipes now until you have sufficient jewelcrafting tokens in place to grab about 6 recipes – I’m thinking that’s going to be somewhere between 18 and 24 tokens. Personally I’ve got a gbank tab of pyrite ore ready to go so well see how it pans out.

BOA gear: I’ve hit honoured with the guild and have purchased ALL of the BOA gear on offer. Cost me about 13K and was well worth it. I’m looking at taking my druid, hunter and DK through to 85 over the next few months and these puppies really up the XP return from quest turn-ins. I recently hit 82 on my druid simply from repetitively doing the JC daily. : )

DK: First cab off the rank I picked up my DK Chrøme at level 75 after a long hiatus and am enjoying questing on him. I’ve played with all three specs and am finding frost to be the most fun. I’ve done a fair amount of reading on PVP specs and know I need to learn unholy but my first run in with it wasn’t pretty. This guide though is excellent for the aspiring DKs amongst us.

Rep grinding: Still on it with my lock – specifically for the BOA enchants but the rep item rewards are also very good.

Eng grinding: Got my Jeeves! Woohoo! This was heaps of fun and I recommend it to all Jeeves-capable engineers. The process reminded me of when I got epic flight on my druid (and I don’t mean when it fell into my lap at the trainer – I’m talking old school!). I loved that I had to grind for three separate engineering recipes and craft a bunch of bots before I could pick up my shiny purple. There’s whinging and bitching on the forums about the lack of Cata engineering items but this Wrath item still provided me with a great experience to procure. Plus of course I now have bank and gear fix at call. : )

Gold: Still well over the mill but spending it only a little slower than I’m making it currently. Glyphs have really dropped off as the server population post-Cata stabilises but BS gear is taking off. Savage leather can’t be purchased at all. Levelling is over for the moment and without botters taking this up the server has been dry on this commodity for weeks now.

Signing off with a big shout-out to Smallperson (horde goblin shad priest) who handed my fledgling Cata DK ass to me three times in a row. The first time she /hugged my corpse, as I charged in the second time (now in frost lol) she /greeted me warmly and after the third kill she /patted my corpse gently. My helm is off to you madam – not for winning necessarily as I doubt I offered much resistance – but for the excellent way you comported yourself. Made me smile.

Til next time compadres,


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