Sunday, April 3, 2011

daily guy

Well hi there folks!
It’s all been a bit interesting since cap. I’ve made good coin but I’ve also invested a lot back into mats. I did try to spend some gold on shiny BOEs for Shortcut – pants and a belt was all I could find in the shiny purples range but that'll do for now.

I’ve crafted my goggles – a) cause they kickass; b) cause they look fantastic.
My first heroic was fun and due to reforging for hit my PVP gear was perfectly viable for PVE. So in terms of gold going out I bought up big on the following:

Cheap Twilight Jasmine to add to the stockpile;
Big Embersilk buyout as I’m due for another crafting run;
Cheap Obsidium to be folded for BSing;
Well-priced Elementium which I split between bars for crafting and ore which I prospected to bulk up my flaqging gem stocks.
I also gave 5K to a mate who came back on server. He’s apparently already made a few K on top of his start-up funds : )
4 portable holes for Shortcut
BOE purple belt and pants for Shortcut

Gems were big sellers early as was BS crafted gear (I again crafted up two of everything that uses Elementium on my BS this week). On Sunday I cleared the mailbox from the Saturday-morning post and found about 10K worth of sales. I didn’t BS during Wrath so have no comparison but I have to say that the Cata greens and blues are really worth crafting. I’m doing an extremely good trade in BS crafteds each week.

Onto gems – although I’m supposed to be saving my tokens for epic recipes I just can’t stop buying the blue recipes. That said, the gem market is getting fierce and less reliable, especially as I’m now on a longer posting cycle…

Yes yes, I’m starting to take it easier. I’ll be fierce myself on the weekends but with the 1mill under my belt and any further milestones in that area a way off I’m turning my attentions to other things.

What other things?

Well – levelling guild rep for a start. I’ve exhausted all the quests in Twilight Highlands and so started on other areas but here’s the thing… because guild rep is calculated on the XP a quest returns I’ve noticed I’m getting less as I finish off questing in Deepholm then when I do dailies. It still varies between dailies but in general these are calculated to return XP relevant to current level. So I’ve become a daily guy. Cooking and fishing in SW, 5 dailies in TH and now I’ve added the dailies in Tol’Barad. Other ways to get gulid rep are boss kills and rated BGs.

A heads up – Tol’Barad quests are tricky but I find them very rewarding. You’re back on a ground mount and the mobs are virulent and everywhere. You need to keep your focus doing these dailies. There’s an interesting vibe with the horde here too – because it is a riskier place to quest horde and alli tend to give each-other room. I accidently violated the code yesterday when I had targeted a rogue to check his hits and accidently dotted him (hey – I’m a lock, we don’t always watch where we throw those things :P). He waded in and realising my mistake I apologised and backed off… so did he.  Nice.

Stay liquid,


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