Friday, April 15, 2011

perks of the vendor pets

I was going to write a reminder post on the vanity pet market and found this great site called Perks N Peeves whilst I was looking for links.  It's a GREAT site run by Quintessence with good information on those hard-to-find pets delivered in a very readable style.  As a pet collector from way back I'm now motivated to get on my old main and go looking for the elusive Baradin Fox Kit.

So here's my WoW pet procedure and pricings for Alliance:
  1. Onto my mage and hearth to Stormspire to visit Dealer Rashaad.  Altoholic provides my numbers of pets held in stock, I purchase until I have 5 of each pet
  2. Rinse and repeat after porting to SW at the crazy cat lady
  3. Port to IF and take a flight to Amberstil Ranch to buy bunnies from Yarlyn Amberstill
  4. Then off to Darnassus to buy owls
  5. And Exodar for moths
  6. Lastly a quick port to Dalaran to pick up the big guns from none other than the rgeat Breanni for albino snakes, calico cats and obsidium hatchlings
Add to the above once in a blue moon I'll head all the way out to Plucky Johnson and buy about 50 Ancona Chickens and also watch for Darkmoon Faire to stock up on frogs from Flik - it's wise to camp her here for the Wood Frogs which are in limited supply.

So I post five of each pet except the 50g pets which I only post two of each in order to give the impression of rarity.  As to how I price I have three Zeroauctions categories:
  1. Pets less than 2g which I sell for 35g
  2. Pets at around 9g which I sell for 59g and,
  3. Pets for around 50g which I sell for 199g
Now it's important to realise how these pets sell - in general you'll see only a few bites here and there but occasionally you'll sell one of everything to a new collector and I'm including the 199g pets here of which I think there are four.  On a big sale day you could make over 1000g which more than balances out the relatively minor cost of holding all these pets in stock.  With a little planning this market really is easy money!  ; )

Well there it is folks - happy vendor petting and once again congrats to Quintessence on a very enjoyable site!

Stay liquid,


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