Saturday, November 13, 2010

taking stock

I’ve been firing along on wowmogul since 11 December 2009 – that’s about 11 months. I love to go big picture on gold making and I hope that folks like hearing about what I personally am doing as much as I like reading that sort of content (Hit the Cap and Stokpile still remain my favourite blogs).

After hitting the ½ mill recently and getting my interview up on Warcraft Econ I stopped to take stock of where I've got to. Initially this blog was a vehicle to chart my progress towards, and hopeful achievement of, gold cap. It’s the first blog I’ve kept and it’s been a great ride full of discovery and fun.

I’m taking things in a different direction now and I’m letting you guys know as I believe that within blogging is the unwritten social contract that the author will provide content in keeping with his or her stated interest. As I’ve blogged I’ve been conscious of making sure that I stuck to my initial premise which was the charting of my gold journey. Other posts have been put aside if they did not fit the general meme of the blog. I'm changing direction now and as a courtesy am letting my readers know. I'm hoping you'll stick around though as writing for you guys is fun. : )

So where will I be going in the future? Well for a start there will still be plenty of posts about making gold – I would always want to write on this front, it’s simply too much fun not to. Cata looks amazing and I can't wait to start crafting the new gear and working out the best path from raw mats to gold in the bank. I'll be giving myself the leeway though to write about anything WoW that takes my fancy. Even a little philosophy might creep in - but is most likely to be connected back to WoW in one form or another. ; )

So thanks for being along this far guys and I hope you stay for what's to come.



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