Sunday, October 17, 2010

five hundred thousand gold

It's done. I was hoping it would happen before Cata and here we are:

The night of the patch I had 443,723g. Over the last 5 days the coffers have swelled with 56,312g to now put me over half a million.

I was prepared for this patch - on the morning before I put up 3500 glyphs, five at the market price (nothing below 20g though) and five at a 60g fallback for every single glyph in game. Just as well as once the patch came down I couldn't get on until Thursday evening. My glyphs timed out Thursday morning but even still when I finally was able to log on that evening I'd sold 440 glyphs, making over 25k gold. The rest came in quietly until Friday night and then in two big chunks over the weekend.

Prior to 4.0.1 I'd also been converting my entire herb stock to inks and ink stock to glyphs. I went into the shutdown with 10,000 glyphs in my inventory. : )

This is my glyph guy - he's enjoying the moment!

So where to now? I believe this is officially more than I could ever spend - still, I'm thinking 310 flight on all my toons is a good start, then I'll wait and see what Cata brings by way of fun gold sinks. ; )

I'll be taking my DK to level 75 (once I get used to blood tanking) and then starting on my lock. I'd like to have him up to level 20 or so before Cata drops so that I can outgun the horde levellers - Alli are considered rare spawn on our server so it's useful to have the advantage if you can get it.

And gold? Well, I still have a bunch of glyphs to burn through and will be riding what's left of the wave but believe this could be a very uncertain industry going forward. It's likely I'll be focusing on gems in Cata although I'll never give up glyphs; they're too much fun.

I'm fascinated to see what changes are coming in Cata and how my cadre of crafters can rise to meet new situations. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. : )

Stay liquid friends,


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