Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I was warned...

For the past two or three weeks my modem has been dropping out at odd times and I’ve needed to power cycle the unit and restart the PC. Now I’ve had this modem for about 4 years and replacing it was on my list of things to do. This morning it was functioning well until I started to download the patch – whereupon the modem and all peripherals were kicked offline. A freak occurrence – nope – 4 more tries gave the exact same response.

Obviously my modem knew that 4.0.1 was coming and tried to warm me. It’s done good work and needed to be retired. I just didn’t listen.

So a new modem today and hopefully online later this evening.

Should I have been surprised? No! Since I’ve been actively playing the AH (late last year) I’ve not been online for a single patch or release: ISP issues (for days), software corruption (entire OS reinstall and client download); moving house (even with forewarning no connection); and just plain ol glitchy downloads from Blizz.

At lease this time I threw up 3500 glyphs prior to patch – they oughta drop out tomorrow morning local time so I’m a whole heap better off than previous patches : )

Something else – I couldn’t get the ipod app to go either this morning. Has anyone heard whether it’s down?

Hope you’re all having fun out there in patchland guys!!


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