Thursday, September 23, 2010

I would have hit double cap too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids.

Sometimes you have to be the villain. (twirls moustache) This mogul finally crashed the glyph market! : ) I’ve danced around it here and there to make the odd point but am now doing it from a more strategic position.

I’m 3k from double cap and have just reduced my earning per glyph to one tenth of its value. All down to an AH camper who has been signing on immediately after I post and undercutting – which tbh was really starting to annoy me. I spent about an hour last night playing that game and then decided this morning that I was going to ruin his fun and have a little of my own.

I cut to 3.5g min and 5g fallback and posted 10 of each glyph. Immediately there was an undercut of 4.99g. I couldn’t be happier : ) Now he’s selling his stock for low prices which the folks who’ve been paying 50g will hopefully snap up. Tonight I’ll craft back up to full stacks and then tomorrow morning will cancel all and repost with a 65g threshold and 4.80g min to take advantage of the glyphs he’s not posting on. Going forward I’ll be undercutting on a 48 hour cycle by 50s a go. Too big a drop each time and he might lose interest or, worst still, I might sell some glyphs.

I’m looking at this period as a kind of holiday. Glyphs (as those of you who post this market will know) are a relatively intense business on the AH. The rewards are good but the process is continuous. What I’ll be doing for the immediate future will be focussing on all the other markets that I’m posting in but am not a knowledgeable player about. I’ll also level up my BS – I’ve been sitting on all the mats for this for a while – and start experimenting will selling rods, buckles and a few purples.

So how long will this current glyph cycle last for? Who can say – glyphing is a long game, I’ve seen a bunch of competitors come and go. This new guy might have transferred from a server which has had a capped AH – reducing his profit might not bother him in the slightest… or, given that it’s just gone school holidays here, he might be a kid with nothing else to do for the next two weeks. Weeks, months… all that’s required is to stay the course.

Time will provide the answers.

Stay liquid folks,


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