Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I’m approaching the big double cap peoples – by my calcs I’ve been pulling in almost 15K a week which is modest but compelling over time.

Chants are playing a part in this as are gems and inscription purples and a bunch of minor decks I’ve been turning out recently. The biggest earner though is glyphs! I don’t check earnings every day but it looks like my wall of “competitively priced” glyphs is grabbing about 50 sales a day on our low pop server – I’m averaging somewhere between 35g and 45g a sale.

Mats I have in plenty following the AH splurge of our low-price listing botters – hence the previous post – and yes, unfortunately they appear to have been found out with prices rising back to 40g a stack. “Unfortunately” I say? Maybe, maybe not. I’m pretty sure that not many of the other glyphers got a look in on the cheap herbs – which could be why the market is clearing of competition. I managed to buy almost everything they had there for about a month, producing a bulging inbox and full bank tabs. I figure my supply should last through to Cata and hopefully double cap. ; )

Other news:

  • My hunter is finally at 80! Now grinding rep with some factions necessary for crafting recipes.
  • My 71 DK is next on the list but I'll likely only take him to 75 so that he's good for the expansion.
  • Mats are drying up on our low-pop server like spilt cordial on a hot sidewalk - chant mats are now impossible to get. Cloths are the only mats turning up in abundance - sometimes borean leather and saronite. Gold is made by shifting quickly through a variety of processes - ie, saronite shuffle when it's cheap, borean to furs when it's cheap, cloth to bags when it's cheap.
  • I've been spending some Gs on my hunter - PVP is fun but I need some PVE pieces to bolster him at this early-80 stage. 245 and 264 epics incoming (bid only of course :P )

    Current gold: 400,000

    Stay liquid,


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