Thursday, April 12, 2012

35-39 imba? pfft!

Following on from my previous concerns in this bracket I’ve investigated the forums with results that I suppose I should have guessed at:

Warriors are crying as they only get one distance closer in the bracket – one amusing post from a warrior stated he could charge and get a hunter from 100% to 10% in a few blows but then the hunter would spring away, stun and kite him to death and could he have another charge please? I loved this one as the OP seemed to be complaining about only being able to do 90% damage to other toons he might come across on the charge.

Also, apparently hunters are OP. Well dur! They may be OP but only if you play by their rules. The corollary being that some classes are not that qualified in the lower brackets to make their own rules; I’ve PVPd on my warrior, I wouldn’t recommend it. Serendipitously this post gives a lovely account of imba in WoW.

No one said that Rogues were OP in the bracket – pfft! – I would have thought our ability to adapt to hunters alone would qualify us. There certainly seems to be a shit-ton of us around. Recently in WSG there were all rogues and about three other classes. Needless to say we lost – picture eight rogues standing around a pally waiting for someone to break stealth…

I kid, I kid.

… it was seven.

^ that was then – currently I’m sitting at level 44 and have found the 40-44 bracket to be a much better vibe. Still many many hunters and rogues around, I wonder when they’ll all disappear (boom boom!). Seriously though at 85 the classes are much more evenly represented – I’m wondering when the change comes?

: )


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