Wednesday, March 3, 2010

week 9 & 10 update

Greetings friends,

Here’s numbers for weeks 9 and 10:

Total liquid - 195,322G

This week’s gold – 24,901G

Total liquid - 170,421G

Week nine gold – 16,839G

As I write this I’m over the 200K mark and closing in fast – I’m thinking that I’ll cap sometime early next week : )

Then what… ?

Refinement that’s what!

I’ve definitely felt the pull towards making cap but after this am keen to see if there’s better ways to do what I’m doing. I’ll be focussing primarily on time and money exercises – better ways to track inventory, new addons for following AH data, maxing professions and even levelling characters to fill out my crafting profile (I see a DK in my future O.o) Basically a total revamp on how I conduct my business – I’ll keep you guys front and centre on that journey.

I’ll also be doing a bunch of min/maxing on my raiding toon. Our 10 man raiding guild and recently brought down LK which was a total buzz! On my bear I’ll be will be making the most of blitzing ICC as I won’t be raiding in Cata. You’ll hear less about this but a bit will no doubt filter through ; )

Making gold will still be uppermost in my activities though. I’ve plans to put about 30K against a campaign in the glyph market to weed out the cappers and will be making my third guild bank to hold the stock I seem to be accumulating at a rate of knots. Also I’m going to need the space as I stockpile heading towards cata.

I’ll be spending the goldz too : ) My mage who was my old main will be getting some nice gear and I’ll be vanity petting out my druid (who’s almost at the 75 pets). There’s also a vanity mount in my future, not a motorcycle (unless I can ride it in bearform) but definitely something fun.

In short – after cap I’m gonna enjoy my wealth and set about making a heap more.

Cheers guys,


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