Friday, March 12, 2010

glyph flipping


I’ve noticed a particularly industrious dwarf buying out my low-priced glyphs and reposting up around my cap limit.

Art imitates nature?

I should be annoyed but in fact for lowbies or for those making their first stack it’s a great scheme. You want a gold boost? Get out there and get on with your herbing/mining + skinning then when your stake is big enough buy out a bunch of low priced glyphs and reset back to the post limit (that's for roughly 10 times your original outlay on my server). All you need to do then is join the repost cycle and get a few wins – voila you’ve just had a very nice return on your original investment.

Glyph flipping – seemed like a bad idea when I first caught him at it but in the right circumstances it’s very effective.

I should be annoyed but just can’t bring myself to get cross at the little fellah – he reminds me of me.


1 comment:

  1. I have found (as a scribe just getting started) that this is HANDS-DOWN the easiest way to get things rolling.

    I don't have every glyph (yet), because I have to wait 20 hours for my research to come up... so the glyphs that I don't have, I buy when they are cheap. If there are too many that are cheap, I just "buy them all" and repost.

    This is a double win for me too, because once I do learn these glyphs, I won't have to craft them for a little while anyway because I already have 10-20 sitting in my bank.