Tuesday, February 16, 2010

week 8 update

Let’s see:

Create a new 4-tab guild bank… tick!
Engage Mr 100 as full-time farmer… half tick! (I think I got him but not sure yet)
Level tailoring… tick! Past 400, making the lesser leg enchants, bags soon.
Start using QA3 – bow booowng Didn’t make it – too much going on, too many stacks to turn to either flasks or inks. This is on the list for next week… along with swapping in Altaholic. Ever since I went to 2 Gbanks my old addon gets confused and doesn’t track mats properly, the Gbanks have become invisible.
Get back into blue gems… tick!

So on the whole – good progress this week.

Midweek Mr 100 turned up with 230 stacks – I bought them all. It felt pretty damn good to clean out a serious farmer. I grabbed all the eternal lifes he had and frost lotuses as well; fodder for my growing flask business. By my calcs I earned about 1000G in the transaction, although I parted with 4200G. It was a lot of fun. Especially the bit where he said “Nothing left lol”.

I’m now swimming in stock – and it’s inspiring me to be a better mogul!

Total liquid - $153,582G
This week’s gold – 10,567G

So not that great but here’s the expenditures:
New guild bank – 4 tabs – 1940G (bought sigs for 10G a pop)
3 Stacks frost lotus – 2475G
230 stacks herbs+eternal lifes+more frost lotus – 4200G
Firefly – 1000G

So there’s about 9K expenditure, the 4200 should come out as although it was greater then I’d normally get (sunk a lot into getting my stack numbers up on herbs) it’s still going towards standard product. So that puts me around the 15K mark.

Oh and the Firefly… what can I say, I couldn’t resist. I used to farm Zanga every time I went through for one of these little fellahs to no avail; they’re quite a low percentage drop. They’re rare on the AH too – only 9 showing from my data and a moving price of 2600G, so when I saw this guy I couldn’t swap to a monied alt fast enough.

He’s a pic of the little guy… awww... I’m going to call him “Sparky”

Now a couple of things before I sign off:

Blue gem market
Is good – I’m posting with a 15G min sell and a 55G max on lesser blues (which is everything except reds). It costs me about 30G on a 12-hour cycle to post and I’m making about 400G back on a good weekend post. This process is young yet and I’ll report back once I have more data; it seems quite viable though. Saronite ore is a problem with stacks fluctuating from 16G to 24G but the surge in chanting mats on our server actually makes the saronite shuffle a reasonable process again – all mats go straight to scrolls for me though. I’m working a “total coverage” angle with 2 of each and every blue going up. This is the way I sold gems in the past and it was very profitable – this time out I’ve been selling greens for 55G. It seems the alt market is pretty big.

Flask market
Is a whimsical beast – On Saturday I got my post time correct and sold almost everything and made a stack, on Sunday I got it wrong and sold 6 flasks. I experimented with Mojo and tanking flasks this week, they sell out quickly. Contrary to what I’d heard I think the flask market makes good money – the difficulty of getting one main reagent though is the problem and I don’t think this will ever be a reliable area of income.

That’s it for the week guys. I’ve been thinking about streamlining my operation so that I’m not double handling – I’ve put two crafters into the new Gbank but am going to overhaul the whole operation and reorganise… all the way down to how I post. More on this throughout the week.

All the best out there guys,


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