Monday, February 8, 2010

week 7 update

24000G people!

Yep – that was this week’s take.

Here’s the numbers:

Total liquid – 143,015G
This week’s gold – 24,270G

Ok, now we get down to how this /boggle of a number happened. Two words – Darkmoon Faire! There’s 4600G from a Nobles Deck, another 700G from a single card + another 400G from a lesser deck. Even without these numbers I pulled an 18K week. Surely this is rare and I’ll drop down to 14K next week again. Surely… ; )

Actually I’m in for a decent amount of expenditure this week as my much-neglected tailoring levelling starts to get up there. I’ve been buying frostweave as I go but the 2750 cloths required is still a fair way off. I was lucky that mageweave finally turned up on the AH for about 10G a stack – I happily paid it; that cloth has been ‘very’ rare over the last few weeks. I almost farmed it myself which is a particularily un-mogulish thing to consider. O.o

My campaign for a half stack of all glyphs is coming together – I added another couple of classes over the weekend but this has been playing havoc on my stock-in-hand. I’m sucking pretty much any herb I find that’s under 17G out of the AH which is hopefully freaking out the competition. Sunday saw neither of my two major glyph competitiors repost for the entire day. Is this a result of them being “herb starved”?!? I doubt it but it’s nice to think that might be the case.

The benefits I’ve found of having this level of stock is that you simply over-posting when you don’t have the time to carry out a cancel/repost cycle. Additionally, it never hurts for the other posters to see that you’re capable of throwing a big chunk of stock up just for convenience’ sake.

Pots went off over the weekend – I posted 100 dps pots (50 of each) on Saturday eve just before raid time and then again on Sunday. I’m posting in stacks of 1, 2 or 3 with a slight discount for numbers. I’ve decided to start looking into other areas of alchemy where profit might be made – particularily elixirs. I’m assuming that I need to make “discoveries” for this but haven’t done my regooglesearch yet.

Focuses this week:

1) Level tailoring
2) Set up blue gem “pathway”. I have set up three categories: low and high selling blues (ie, greens through to reds) and an epic category. I need to establish how I get the gems regularily through to my posting alt. I’m posting prior to raids on a 12-hour time limit - getting much better sales this way.
3) Assess QA3 – yes, I’m still using QA2… I need info as to whether all of my various lists will reset with the new version. If they do then there is “a lot” of work in setting things up again which will slow me down.
4) Complete snatch list – a lot of items/mats are on there now but I need to complete and close this out.
5) Engage Mr 100 Stacks as a permanent supplier – I missed him this week and it hurt. Time to lock him in. I’m going to offer 14G/stack, 38g/Frost Lotus, 19G/Eternal Life. I’m going to ask that it all arrives in a bulk lot though – I don’t want him to think he can send dribs and drabs through as he might decide to send to other buyers that way. A bulk send should focus him on sending just to me! ; )
6) Create a new guild bank – what can I say, I needz more room.



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