Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So here's the choices for the rest of my mogul-winz week:

Warrior, prot - of course. Easiest to get back into - read: minimal UI changes required, new blocking concepts to get across but not too hard + I've levelled solely as prot through instances so there's some good muscle memory there ++ warrior tanking is fun!

followed by...

Lock - only when Power Auras is revised for 5.0.4 (I'm incapable of playing without it apparently). Locks do look sweet though - lots of interesting things happening, groovy new pets, fun changes to specs.

Here's what I won't be playing:

Paladin. Tried it last night with one of those giant blue monstrosities Blizzard calls a male Draenei. What were they thinking - teeny tiny legs at an angle sufficiently different to the females to look like they were badly set after a skiing accident, bull shoulders and comparatively tiny heads and so little expression in their faces that you'd swear they'd been the subject of some deranged plastic surgeon's Botox experiment. Then there's paladins which I assume eventually turn into an amazingly exciting class but unfortunately my initial levelling experience was so lacklustre that I have a feeling I'll never find out when this happens.

So Bankgrrl gets another run - I'm glad. Time for a quick review of the four or five random instances I might get then back into it.

: )



  1. FYI there is a patch to Power Auras so that it will work in 5.0.4:

  2. Brilliant - many thanks : )

    I got my lock out for a run through AV earlier in the week. For the record, Harvest Life in the middle of a horde pack is astonishing.