Thursday, August 2, 2012

48 dailies...

...a day? Really?


Rumour is that there will be 48 MoP dailies available, worth an average of 20g each and, if they give rep, providing 250 for the respective faction. So an enterprising, but insane, player could garner 6720g a week. In round numbers. That means that a dedicated player who completes all dailies for a year could walk away with 350000g.


At 5 mins a daily that's about 4 hours per day or 1460 hours per year on dailies for 350000g. That's a 28 hour working week on dailies. Which is 240g/hr which, to be blunt, is an astonishingly crap way to earn your money.

So will I be doing my dailies?

As noted before, Mogul's rule of grinding applies: Grind if you think the grind is worth it. You might see me grinding for mounts or pets if the grind is fun and potentially for secondary skill levelling or widgets, especially if I'm not at level cap as I've tended towards levelling in BGs and supplementing with dailies while waiting for a queue to pop.

That is all.

Bear in mind folks that dailies are yet another powerful weapon in the MMO arsenal of habituating activities used to cement you into feeling like you need to play WoW in a continuous manner (hence the name). You don't. Do what's fun - ditch the rest.

Stay liquid,


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