Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hi folks,

I've unsubbed my account until MoP.

Here's what's happened since I've logged off from this game about a week ago:

I'm getting to bed earlier.
I've been exercising - though truthfully not a lot more than I did before... ; )
I've been watching movies - B grade sci-fi!!
I've been getting things done - put simply I've found that I have more motivation than I previously did to get into RL things that I want to do.

Will I be coming back for MoP - Sure! I still have over a million gold in the bank, a bunch of max-level toons that will be fun to muck around on and the levelling of three classes to go + pandas, we shouldn't forget pandas! It's just that I find I'm happy to wait until MoP before I get back into it.

Posts will continue in their current haphazard manner and may cover other games in the interim.

Stay liquid guys,


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