Thursday, January 20, 2011


Greetings fellow auctioneers!

Guess what?!

Last night I cleaned the AH out of Elementium Ore is what!

290 stacks went my way for 79g a stack which is pretty damn good on our server where this ore has been going for about 100-115g a stack. So with an initial investment of 22910g I’ve made about 9K on the purchase. Following this I’ve sent a bunch of ore to my miner (to turn into bars once he hits level 75 O.o), put about a banktab away to track the market with and the rest has been prospected. I’ll put some before and after shots up of the tab with my gems on it. Needless to say I’m now well into the Cata shuffle and loving it.

This escapade took me from about 734K gold down to 712K but I’m confident that my gold will head up over the 750K mark on the back of this purchase.

Plus it’s FUN! I feel like a junior mogul in a gold foundry!!

Other news:

My druid turned 81, purely from carrying out the SW dailies. I laughed. But I also realised that with my crafting appetite now thoroughly whetted I’m going to have to start taking toons to 84 soon for those great Twilight Highlands recipes; particularly the two bloodied and emberfire/fireweave sets, for both sale and my own toons. Order-wise it should be my druid (LW/JC) first, then hunter (Tailoring/Alch) with DK (BS) and mage (Inscrip/Enchanting) following. Assuming I can tear myself away from my lock – which seems unlikely. Under those circumstances it’ll be lock (Sk/Mining) and hunter simultaneously followed by druid, DK and then mage.

My lock is now 73 and has been around a couple of months to get to that level. He’s a lot of fun to play plus I’m taking my time and levelling up trade skills such as cooking and fishing as I go. I tried my hand at archaeology but the mind-numbing repetition makes this a skill I’ll be picking up in short bursts – could take me a while.

I am now an active member of arena junkies which has one of the best PVP lock starter on the web imo.

Our faction’s AH is recovering somewhat. We are now averaging about 7000 auctions a day up from the pre-cata 5000s. 7K is still minute by comparison to a large active-population AH but the rise in numbers is proof of people coming back to the game which is good for the server economy. Fun fact – I currently carry about 16% of all auctions on the alli AH. ; )

Stay liquid guys,


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